• Paperboard Machine
  • Paperboard Machine
  • Paperboard Machine

Capacity 5-8 Per Day Paperboard Machine

  • Raw material:Waste paper, waste paper pulp, paper sludge etc
  • Specifications:1300mm×1000mm, 1400mmx1000mm, 1500mmx1000mm
  • Capacity:5-8t/d
  • Host power:5.5kw
  • Thick of paper:Can debugging

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Kraft/Corrugated paper machine
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Pulping equipment


  Technical Parameter
Raw material Waste paper, waste paper pulp, paper sludge etc
Specifications 1300mm×1000mm,1400mx1000mm, 1500mmx1000mm


Capacity 5-8t/d
Host power 5.5kw
Thick of paper Can debugging
Consistency of pulp 0.8~1%
Appearance size 9000mm×2500mm×2000mm

 Use Of The Finished Product
Chemical additives packaging box, packaging box lining board, clothing packing box , arts and crafts packaging box, ceramic products packaging box, decorative panels and various types of thread-bound book cover and the outer packaging.

◆ Technological Process
Raw material → Hydrapulper → Vibrating sieve → Horizontal mixer(crude pulp tank) → Pulp pump→ Refiner → Horizontal
mixer(ajust pulp tank) → Pulp pump → Centrifugal screen machine → Horizontal mixer(finished pulp tank) → Pulp 
pump→ Steady pulp box → Enter cylinder mould box→ Forming paperboard → Enter hot pressure machine to drying


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