• 4 Heads CNC Spiral Paper Tube Machine
  • 4 Heads CNC Spiral Paper Tube Machine
  • 4 Heads CNC Spiral Paper Tube Machine

4 Heads CNC Spiral Paper Tube Machine

  • Winding head:4 heads double belt
  • Winding diameter:30-300mm
  • Reel speed:3-16m/min
  • Paper roll:3-24 layers
  • Wall thickness:1-15mm

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Kraft/Corrugated paper machine
Specialty paper machine
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Egg tray machine
Pulping equipment


   Technical Parameter
Transmission mode Automatic tensioning and anti off type chain transmission
Coating method Fully automatic glue
Cutting mothod Single round knife synchronous automatic cutting
Host size 3600*2000*1600
Control way Host operation panel
Worker 2—3 people
Definite form Infrared precise fixed length
Host rate WPO 1:30
Speed control Computer frequency conversion
Power 380V RSTN


1- Automatic synchronous cutting, automatic return.

2- Single round knife cutting, the cut is more smooth, more stable performance.

3- Stainless steel plastic box and press rubber poly knife, durable.

4- Frequency conversion speed control than ordinary electromagnetic speed adjustable 30-60%

5- Multi-point operation panel, the operation is more convenient.

6- Ultra low noise.<65 dB

7- Infrared ray tube length is more accurate (error 1-2mm)


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