• Thickener
  • Thickener
  • Thickener


  • Filtrating area:5-40m2
  • Consistency of inflow pulp:0.5-1%
  • Consistency of outflow pulp:4-6%
  • Power of motor:4-18.5KW

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♦ Summary

Cylinder thickener for dewatering of pulp and paper industry of low concentration of the pulp. It is suitable for the dehydration and concentration of wood pulp, cotton pulp, rice straw pulp, and can also be used for filtering and concentrating other fiber suspensions in the non-paper industry.


Compared with other existing pulp concentrating equipment.

1- Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.

2- High production capacity.

3- Kinds of wide adaptability.

♦ Process Performance

The process performance of cylinder thickener is related to the pulp type, the slurry concentration, the liquid level difference between the drum and the inner drum and the rotation speed of the drum in the production operation. Under the same conditions, increasing drum rotation speed can increase the production in a certain range Ability, but the pulp concentration also will be reduced.

♦ Structure

This machine is mainly composed of tank body, drum, pressure roller, press frame, scraper device, swing type water pipe sealing device, transmission parts and so on.


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