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  • Pulp Pump
  • Pulp Pump

Pulp Pump

  • Capauity of flow:25-500 m3/h
  • Height of suction:5-30m
  • Rotating speed:60-79%

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Toilet paper processing machinery
Culture paper machine
Kraft/Corrugated paper machine
Specialty paper machine
Paper completed section
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Egg tray machine
Pulping equipment


♦ Application

Mainly used to screen out various impurities in pulp suspensionis is widely used and mechanical wood pulp, sulphate wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulping process of removing section and coarse select, when used for removing section, can be installed after the pulp washing process.

♦ Features

1- High efficiency, energy saving: operation efficiency is higher than the average pulp pump 3-10 percentage points, energy saving, consumption reduction of 15-30%

2- Cavitation performance is good, long life: the actual service life can be increased by more than 2-3 times the ordinary pulp pump.

3- High concentration, no clogging: pulp concentration of up to 6%.

4- Reasonable structure, easy maintenance: the first part of the pump head, open the door structure, maintenance without dismantling the pipeline, simply move the motor back to the pump can be removed and maintenance.


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