• High Speed Pulp Washer
  • High Speed Pulp Washer
  • High Speed Pulp Washer

High Speed Pulp Washer

  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Control system:PLC System
  • Feeding content:0.3-1%
  • Application:Paper making pulp equipment
  • Warranty:1 year

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ZGX Ⅱ speed washer is the company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, research and innovation successfully developed a new type of pulp concentration and washing equipment. It has to waste paper pulp, especially high in various domestic waste paper deinking pulp washing efficiency, large capacity, low power consumption is a significant advantage, the device is a small footprint, simple operation, easy installation. Wash high degree of pulp, pulp only through a variety of equipment that is able to meet the requirements of the class pulp washing degrees, without further order of the creation of the pulp washing equipment. Is the deinking pulp manufacturers, chemical straw, wood pulp and pulp manufacturers the ideal equipment for washing concentrated.

The device for slurry ink particles, fillers and other fine impurities have a high removal efficiency can be widely used in various domestic waste newsprint recycled pulp, waste paper recycled pulp account books, scrap books and all kinds of recycled pulp paper office waste recycled pulp, concentrated washing and bleaching of chemical pulp bleaching before after slurry, etc..

 Main Specifications And Parameters

Model Parameter DNT-Ⅰ DNT-Ⅱ DNT-Ⅲ DNT-Ⅳ
Into pulp concentration 0.5—3
Output pulp concentration 10—15%
Capacity T/D 15-20 30-40 50-60 60-80
Into pulp mouth diameter (mm) 150 200 250 300
Output pulp mouth diameter(mm) 600×250 700×250 800×250 900×250
White water output size(mm) 547 1067 1499 1930
Power Y200L2-6/11kw Y225M-6/22kw Y280S-6/30kw Y280M-6/37kw

Note: The product is not limited to the above specifications, when the filter width 100mm for each additional specifications.


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