• High concentration desander
  • High Concentration Desander
  • High Concentration Desander

High Concentration Desander

  • Concentration of input pulp :2-5%
  • Pressure of input pulp :0.15-0.35 Mpa
  • Pressure of output pulp:0.1-0.25 Mpa
  • Pressure of backwash water:Into a pulp pressure+0.02Mpa
  • Discharging mode:Hand/automation

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Toilet paper machine
Toilet paper processing machinery
Culture paper machine
Kraft/Corrugated paper machine
Specialty paper machine
Paper completed section
Paper machine supporting machine
Egg tray machine
Pulping equipment


♦ Features

1- The utility model has the advantages of good sand removing effect, and is suitable for the system with high sand content.

2- The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and safe and reliable operation.

3- No pollution to water quality.

4- Small footprint, large capacity, large water treatment.

♦ Main Parameter

Concentration of input pulp(%)


Pressure of input pulp(Mpa)


Pressure of output pulp(Mpa)


Pressure of backwash water(Mpa)

Into a pulp pressure+0.02Mpa

Discharging mode



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