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  • Type:Paper embossing machine
  • Heating source:Steam
  • Computerized:Yes
  • Power :2.2kw
  • Certification:CE Certificate

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   Profile for Dryer Of Paper Making Machinery
Cast iron dryer of paper machine is used to dry paper key components-class pressure vessels. Cast iron dryer about paper industry pressure vessels account for 2/3. Materials to build dryer generally HT200, HT250. Manufacturing quality requirements must not penetrate and too much sand holes, in order to increase surface smoothness, required to smooth the outer surface of the dryer and Xuan-inner surface, keeping the entire cylinder wall thickness, dryer safe, to ensure balance and heat evenly throughout. Dryer function is used to dry the moisture in the paper, finishing the paper.

   Dryer For Paper Making Machine
1:Working pressure 5 bar.
2:Outer diameter 1,500 mm, face length 4780 mm.
3:Material: cylinder body and cylinder head is made by cast iron(HT250), spindle head is made by nodular cast iron.
4:Equip with siphon and rotary joint
5:Process:the outer surface will be polished, the inside will be processed, do the dynamic balance.
6:Cylinder hardness: HB190-220.

Technical Parameters
Interior shell design Diameter 2500-5500mm Steel  dryer for paper making machinery
Breadth 1350-1OOOOmm
Shell length 3200mm
Max. paper width on the dryer 2900mm
Working speed 200-1200m/min
Max. linear load 80n/mm
Operating pressure (gauge) 10bar
Shipping weight 30t
Steam entry Front side
Condensate exit Drive side


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