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  • Product type:Cylinder moulds in paper making machine
  • Life time:10-30 years
  • Usage:Improve the quality of paper
  • Material:Plastic, Stainless steel
  • Machine parts:Cylinder mould

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Toilet paper machine
Toilet paper processing machinery
Culture paper machine
Kraft/Corrugated paper machine
Specialty paper machine
Paper completed section
Paper machine supporting machine
Egg tray machine
Pulping equipment


 Technical Parameters
Main technical parameters
Diameter 1500mm
Diameter of SS stick 12mm
Face length 2000mm
Qty of SS stick 80
Qty of middle supportchip 14 pcs
Thickness of SS strip 15mm
Diameter of axis 180mm
Stainless steel winding scrip δ= 1.5 ×25mm
Dimension 1.6mx1.6mx2.4m


Main Features
1. Increase the area and the rate of water filtration, increase production
2. Improve the quality of paper, including the degree of uniformity, weight, aspect ratio
3. Reduce the copper net, cloth etc. consumption and maintenance cost
4. To strengthen the integrity of the equipment and anti-corrosion performance, durable Three has been developed and produced with a wear film, around the chip and the of oblique chip network.


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