• 3000-3500pcs-per-hour-egg-tray-machine
  • 3000-3500pcs-per-hour-egg-tray-machine
  • 3000-3500pcs-per-hour-egg-tray-machine

3000-3500Pcs Per Hour Egg Tray Machine

  • Machine type:Ordinary Octahedral rotary egg tray machine(4X8)
  • Raw material:Waste paper
  • Production varieties:Egg tray, paper tray
  • Production speed:3000-3500piece/ hour
  • Total power:127KW (Intermittent use)

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Toilet paper machine
Toilet paper processing machinery
Culture paper machine
Kraft/Corrugated paper machine
Specialty paper machine
Paper completed section
Paper machine supporting machine
Egg tray machine
Pulping equipment


  ◆ Technical Parameter
Machine type Ordinary Octahedral rotary egg tray machine(4X8)
Raw material Waste paper
Production varieties Egg tray, paper tray
Production speed 3000-3500piece/ hour
Total power 127KW (Intermittent use)

Pulp concentration for forming machine

Pressure of compressed air 0.5-0.7Mpa
Vacuum negative pressure Minus 0.035--- minus 0.045Mpa
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50 Hz


The project uses waste paper, waste paper as raw material to produce egg tray. This section consists of  four parts production line(That pulping system, molding system, drying systems, packaging systems).

◆ Function
1. Package for glass and ceramics, crafts, small machinery, electric products, toys and so on.
2. Replace the plastic bag and corrugated paper.
3. With good protection performance and cushioning performance, reduce the damage of goods.
4.  Improve packaging grade, reduce production costs.
5. Product environment and can be recycled use.


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