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What Do You Need Before Open The Toilet Paper Processing Factory

Date: 2016-10-01 View:

Want to make toilet paper factory, don't know how to start? And to what conditions? this is some foreign friends want to frequently asked questions, agreeable rich machinery company with more than 20 years of experience guide what you need to know?

First  The equipment
First to buy good quality equipment, we must first understand what equipment is used in technological process for production of toilet paper and, the production process is simple, a toilet roll rewinding machine, a cutter, a sealing machine can, toilet paper rewinder is the secondary processing industry, there is no pollution.
Second  Plant
Then you need to find a good plant, the plant must be dry, fire damp, attention to health and safety, devices need to be flat on the ground, debris and dust in the process of tissue processing, attention to emissions and clean up; the other doors are best left to more than 2 m, size is generally about 80 to 100 square on the line!
Third  Investment requirements 
Investment of 100,000 or so can mass produce toilet paper, doing their own brand. As long as the 2-3 workers can operate, processing and production.
Forth  The demand 
For workers training to migrant workers for the simple General, a week can all master, the operation is very simple.
Fifth  License
Finally, licences for opening toilet paper shop, I suggest you do the self-employed business license is better, because the procedure is simple, inexpensive, Baishi dollars can get, and annual inspection after convenient according to procedures.