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Tissue paper processing from Shunfu Machinery

Date: 2019-05-11 View:

Nowadays, investment in more and more friends looked at the paper processing industry, paper is an essential necessity of our life, and consumables, demand and consumption. Which is the most widely used toilet paper, also known as rolls of paper in your life. In fact, paper processing many kinds: toilet paper, tissue processing, paper processing, facial tissue processing and so on, Here is a summary of tissue processing procedures from Shunfu paper making machinery.

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Any industry needs raw materials for tissue processing of raw materials is a large paper, also known as gang paper, axle load and the paper is good or bad depending on the quality of paper products. Large shaft of paper divided into: white paper, sugar cane pulp and paper, wood pulp paper and so on. Currently on the market with the most is the large axis of these three papers. Three large paper price ranging from 5000-8000 (for reference only). Large paper can be bought directly in raw material manufacturers.

2- (DEVICE):

The most important is the device in the tissue processing, the device will directly affect the output of paper quality, and cost. Tissue processing is mainly the machinery is used toilet paper rewinder, using the most current tissue processing industry, is also the most applicable market when an 1880-automatic toilet paper rewinder, its high output, advanced function, simple operation, low technical requirements for workers and for small and medium sized enterprises.

Above is the investors around the world to provide paper machinery tissue processing knowledge generally.