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How To Choose The Raw Material Of Toilet Paper Machine

Date: 2016-09-10 View:

Toilet paper processing machine is divided into before processing and after processing, mainly by paper mill, the processing of raw materials into the shaft paper, early raw materials are waste paper, straw, reed, cane and wood. It is said to contain fiber plants can be used for paper making, but because the paper making process will produce all kinds of pollution. And the toilet paper costs of different processing of raw materials are not the same, considering these aspects, do toilet paper processing is relatively simple, if we want to do the after processing of toilet paper, as long as the axis of paper as raw materials on the line, according to the price is not the same axis of paper is divided into 100% primary wood pulp, semi wood pulp and the straw pulp, bamboo pulp, pulp and paper recycling, the quality characteristics of different materials are also different.
(1) 100% primary wood pulp:
Absorbent paper, less paper texture delicate, soft, strong toughness, can be said to be the best quality of toilet paper machine, toilet paper is better than the ordinary price is expensive.

(2) Half wood pulp:
Good water absorption, suitable for toilet paper, toilet paper Anhui Kleenex will produce confetti, moderate price, high price.

(3) Bamboo pulp:
Give people a very good sense of visual sense, but water absorption, toughness and softness are generally. Bamboo pulp and paper is emerging in recent years, with bamboo as raw material, paper brittle.

(4) Straw pulp:
Hydroscopicity, confetti, water deformation serious. If you do not want to buy expensive toilet paper, cheap 100% straw pulp paper is a good choice. However, compared to 100% of the original wood pulp paper, toilet paper on the texture is very thick, looking unsightly, but not delicate hand.

(5) Recycled pulp:
Recycled pulp to do toilet paper machine which contains waste paper and other recycled materials. The characteristics of this paper is toilet paper and thin and thin, clean, rough hand, even with the naked eye can see tiny spots of grass debris. Toilet paper to do this kind of toilet paper is not healthy, the health of the body is also harmful, so we advise you to buy carefully.

The shaft paper market at present the use of wood pulp as raw material more, good quality, the general production of toilet paper manufacturers are the raw materials of several toilet paper machine were procurement, production of finished goods sold observation situation to determine what kind of paper raw materials.