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Purchase Paper Tube Machine, You Should Do It

Date: 2017-03-10 View:

 It takes three steps to make tube core.

First you should cutting big jumbo roll to small size by kraft paper slitting machine.

Second use paper core tube making machine to make parallel or spiral tube core.

Third cut long tube core to the small size you want by paper tube core cutting machine.

Paper tube machine is an important paper processing machine, widely used, if you are interested in paper tube machine, you can contact us, we prepared a few common problems, to facilitate the selection of the most suitable for your requirements machine model:

1- What is the diameter of the paper tube you produce? (mm)

2- What is the thickness of the paper tube you produce? (mm)

3- Your raw material is big jumbo kraft paper?

Hope these questions can provide you with a clear idea of paper tube machine!