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How To Use Toilet Paper Making Machine In A Proper Way?

Date: 2018-11-25 View:

When you use toilet paper making machine, you should operate it in a appropriate way. For safety, there are some basic principles that you should obey.

 Firstly, during operating process, a supervisor plays an important role. The professional supervisor should teach workers to operate well. Meanwhile, supervisor should tell workers how to maintain and repair on time. When you buy machine, you should compare toilet paper making machine price from many manufacturers.
 Secondly, it is better to wear the same working clothes for workers of paper making factory. Clean and tidy are the demand for workers. When the toilet paper making machine runs, you can not wear and put off clothes near the machine. Non- employees are forbidden to enter into workshop.
 Thirdly, workers should be capable of operating skillfully and know the working performance of toilet paper machine.
 Fourthly, in the cutting process, you should follow the cutting standard of toilet paper making machine. You can not exceed the working scale of cutting machine.
 Fifthly, if you find paper processing machinery can not work normally, you should cut off the power at first when you don’t know the cause reason. Then, you can check or call professional repairman to inspect.
 Sixthly, you should keep a clean working condition when using paper making machine. After working, you should turn off the power.