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How To Maintain The Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine?

Date: 2016-07-09 View:

All items have a life and time, if you know how to maintain during use and maintenance of the well, which not only prolonged usage and performance will not be affected, so maintenance is also important, so how about tissue processing equipment-rewinder be maintained?
First to often observe toilet paper rewinder gear gear chains need to add butter.
Second toilet paper rewinding machine general not problem, easy consumption parts is nothing more than is small gear, if in plus a is print knife easily broken, wool roll in with in six months or a zhihou on will variable fine, need shipped back Factory renovation, steel roll pressure spent device aspects if need replaced pressure spent roll, is need put steel roll shipped back original modified about on can has, spent can't how many money.
Finally pay attention to the voltage or toilet paper rewinder, or easily burn motor; pay attention to health, don't let the debris falls between the steel rollers and hair rollers.