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How To Choose A Good Egg Tray Machine Host

Date: 2017-03-21 View:


The mainframe of the egg tray is the most important part of the whole egg production line. The quality of the host molding system affects the operation of the whole production line and the quality of the product. So, when we buy egg machine, the host should choose what? Today, we analyze how to choose a good egg machine host.

First, material, metal material using iron or ordinary steel, this material is very easy to rust and reduce the service life, just buy when the difference can not see, but over time, the equipment exposed to the sewage, the problem came out.

Second, the shaft connection part, we all know that the shaft has a hollow shaft and solid shaft two, the so-called hollow shaft is in the middle of the axis of a hollow, the middle is hollow, such a shaft connection if the use of egg machine host In the beginning is still no problem, with the continuous operation of the equipment, the bearing can not withstand the greater torque, then the slow axis will be deformed, the equipment will be unstable operation, and more terrible is that this axis is no way to change.

Third, the connection parts, there are many manufacturers in order to make the equipment in the purchase is strong, a lot of connection will be used directly welded, do not use any screw nut connection, so the equipment in the event of a small problem, there is no way to disassemble only Can wait for a break.